Exercises in Photo Editing — Myths & Mythstakes

Last week, Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame shared a series of portraits on Twitter, and his followers jumped at the opportunity to insert his face into famous pictures, ranging from movie scenes to posters and everything in between. That’s exactly the sort of challenge I relish, so I had to join in!

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The Birth of Pixel Shogun

Hi, and welcome to Pixel Shogun!

I’m Chris, and I’ve been a freelance graphic designer on and off for the past decade (a little more off than on, if I’m being honest). I recently decided to start taking my business more seriously though, and an important first step was rebooting my brand — I’d been calling myself Spectre Graphics since I started, but it was something that just kind of happened. The identity wasn’t really planned or thought-out, and I don’t find that the name lends itself to much of a visual identity. What the heck does a spectre look like, anyway?

Pac Ghost
“I’m not a very strong brand identity.”

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