Dart Frog Logo

Dart Frog Concept Contact Sheet

When I started working on rebranding my graphic design business earlier this year, one of my first ideas was a dart frog, one of the some of the most vibrantly and diversely colored animals in the world. My plan was to have a single design that could support multiple different color stylings, each based on a different variety of dart frog. Unfortunately, another firm was already using the name, so I decided to move on.

The first image here is a concept sheet, showing a handful of different design options. The second image is an example sheet, where a single version is displayed in different environments. And the last image… well, a friend mentioned that she couldn’t help misreading the name as “FART DOG”, and I had to make a quick mock-up logo for that name, too. 😉

Dart Frog Logo Example Contact Sheet

Fart Dog Experiment - 20160131


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