FUDcast Logo


Here we have a concept sheet for FUDcast, a gaming podcast that was looking to rebrand. The team members didn’t have a strong feel for what they wanted, and their original logo (the green & gold image beneath the concept sheet) didn’t give me much to work with, so I produced a variety of concepts in different styles for them. The one repeated element was my core design concept: using a joystick as a radio antenna.

My own personal inclination was to move forward with concept 2A, which I thought had the strongest personality, but the clients wanted to head in a different direction. The last image is the final logo as delivered, mixing elements of concepts 1A & 2C.

In some ways, this job is a cautionary tale — I was dealing with the entire team at once, who all had different interests and personal tastes, leading to a final design that has the hallmarks of a design-by-committee project; while clean and attractive, it also lacks personality and vibrance. That’s why I now insist on a single point-of-contact when working with groups and organizations.




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