Pixel Shogun Logo

PixelShogun LogoGreyBG 20160818

Here we have the official Pixel Shogun logo, which is the core of the studio’s visual identity.

I came up with three design families originally, which are shown in the second image: Group A focuses on a Japanese torii (archway) as its primary element, and uses clean modern design concepts; Group B is a little more kitschy, using a silhouette of a samurai riding a horse against a sunburst background; and Group C is based on the type of crests found on samurai helmets. Though I liked Group A a lot, I felt that it was maybe too feminine, and seemed best suited to a health & fitness business, while Group C was too abstract. Group B was the most in-line with my own personality & style, though for further development, I chose to focus on the silhouette and strip away some of the kitsch.

The final icon is a cleaner and more striking distillation of the same basic idea, using negative space rather than the original three colors. For coloration of the wordmark, I abandoned the high-contrast jade I’d initially chosen, and instead moved to a slightly desaturated blue. The entire design also uses subtle gradients to add visual interest. As you can see, it works quite well in a variety of different environments, and can be easily adapted to black & white or greyscale.



PixelShogun Logo Contact Sheet 20160818


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